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Apr - 15 - 2011
Graduate thesis defended at UBA
Laura A. Ruiz Etcheverry presented his graduate dissertation entitled Sobre la utilización de los datos de altimetría satelital en la Plataforma Continental Argentina. The work was carried out at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the advise of Dr. Martín Sarraceno.
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14 Sep 2010
Graduate thesis defended at UBA
Ramiro Ferrari presented his graduate dissertation entitled Clasificación de masas de agua a partir de sus propiedades ópticas al Norte de 37ºS en el Atlántico Sudoccidental. The work was carried out at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the advise of Dr. Silvia Romero. Ramiro is going to persue his doctoral degree at Université de Paris (VI).
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02 Sep 2010
Masters Thesis defended at FURG
Paula Costa Campos presented her Master´s dissertation entitled Oceanographic variability in Santa Marta Cape. The work was carried out at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG), Brazil, under the advise of Dr. Osmar Moller Jr.
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19 Feb 2008
Drifting away...
UPDATED SEP2009 Surface drifters provide the best direct observations of the surface circulation on a global scale. Uriel Zajaczkovski used drifters to estimate horizontal diffusivities in the South Atlantic, and their relation to the general circulation. Uriel is currently a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
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09 Jan 2008
News from Tallahassee
UPDATED AUG 2009 Jose Luiz Azevedo completed his doctoral degree at FURG, Brazil under the advise of M. Mata (FURG) and D. Nof (FSU, USA). Ze Luiz holds a teaching position at FURG. Jose Luiz has worked with models designed to understand the role of Agulhas rings arriving at the western boundary of the South Atlantic on the transport of the Brazil Current, and how this process may impact on the detachment of eddies in the Brazil-Malvinas Confluence (BMC). The BMC presents one of the most energetic mesoscale fields in the World Ocean. As illustrated in the Figure below, among other effects, BMC eddies significantly enhance the ocean productivity in the SW Atlantic, which also spreads eastward towards the basin interior.
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23 Mar 2008
Where does zooplankton feed?
UPDATED FEB 2010 Juan Ugaz obtained his doctoral degree at Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil, studying zooplankton concentrations in subsurface chlorophyll maximum layers off southeastern Brazil. Juan's thesis is on "Zooplankton associated with the subsurface chlorophyll maximum in the southeastern Brazilian shelves" under the advise of Frederico Pereira Brandini. The hypothesis being tested is that deep chlorophyll maximum layers (DCML) are the main source of food for zooplankton communities in mid and outer shelf regions. The zooplankton community should be directly related to cross-shelf gradients of environmental parameters, particularly the position and magnitude of DCML formed by intrusions of South Atlantic Central Waters. To learn more about this project please follow this link: http://www.cem.ufpr.br/juan/index.htm
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